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Hyundai i30 N.

The i30 N is Hyundai Motor’s first high-performance car under the N line up.
Built on the Reinvented i30, the i30 N has been developed from the ground up to deliver maximum driving pleasure in everyday life on the road, as well as on the track.
Hyundai i30n new 001 1920x790 V2

Hyundai i30N

  • 2.0 litre Turbo-GDi
  • Exclusive "N" interior
  • 19-inch alloy wheels Pirelli P-Zero tyres
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Born in Namyang, honed at the Nurburgring.

The ‘N’ stands for Namyang, Hyundai Motor’s global R&D Centre in Korea, where the idea was born, and for the Nürburgring, home to Hyundai Motor’s European Test Centre, where the N line up was further developed and tested.
The N logo symbolises a chicane, the ultimate corner where the i30 N has been tested thoroughly, representing the ultimate driving experience on winding roads.

Key features.

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Powerful 2.0 litre Turbo-GDi engine delivers up to 202kW and 353 Nm torque.

The i30 N’s 2.0-litre turbocharged direct injection engine offers two states of tune – a standard tune with 184 kW, as well as a Performance Package with maximum power of 202 kW. Both versions deliver a maximum torque of 353 Nm, with the Performance Package vehicle completing the 0-100km/h sprint in 6.2 seconds.

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State-of-the-art high-performance technologies provide an dynamic and engaging driving experience. With four drive modes – Normal, Sport, Eco, and N-mode, plus a driver-selectable Custom mode, the driver can tailor the driving experience to their tastes and the specific driving scenario.

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Exclusive “N” interior.

The exclusive N sports interior includes heavily bolstered N sports seats, bespoke N steering wheel with dedicated N-mode button, as well as an N specific race computer which features a lap timer, G-force meter, boost gauge, and programmable custom drive-mode control.

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19-inch alloy wheels Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

The i30 N with Performance Package comes with 19-inch Hyundai N specific Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tyres, distinctive red N brake calipers, as well as 345mm front brake discs

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Sport seats

The i30 N features uniquely designed high-performance sport seats with powerful lumbar support. Extendable seat cushions further enhance stability and comfort for the driver and front passenger

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Rear design.

At the rear, the triangular third brake light in the new glossy black spoiler and the double muffler exhaust underline the eye-catching look of the sports hatchback.

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Form and function.

The i30 N features a unique exterior design to cheat wind and win hearts.

Exterior features.

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19” alloy wheels

Unique 19-inch alloy wheels are proudly embossed with the N logo and fitted with 235/35 R19 Pirelli P-Zero HN high-performance tyres specifically developed for the i30 N.

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Dual-level rear spoiler

The i30 N’s aggressive bumper and apron team with an aerodynamic rear spoiler featuring a signature triangular brake light.

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High-performance brakes

Front brake discs measuring 345mm in diameter are clamped by distinctive red N brake callipers to deliver strong and fade-resistance stopping power.

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The inside line.

Inside, it’s unlike any other. The exclusive N sports interior is tailored to seduce and satisfy the enthusiast driver.

Interior features.

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Sports front seats

Heavily bolstered front bucket seats, available in cloth or synthetic suede/leather has been designed to provide exceptional support and comfort.

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N steering wheel with dedicated N-button

In front of the driver sits the bespoke N steering wheel with dedicated N-mode button as well as an N-specific race computer which features a lap timer, G-force meter, boost gauge and launch control.

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Packed with tech.

The i30 N comes with an 8” multimedia touchscreen with DAB+ radio and satelitte navigtation, Apple CarPlay™ & Android™ Auto compatibilty and wireless smartphone charging*.

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Performance, reimagined.

The heart of any high-performance car is of course its engine. The i30 N features a specially developed 2.0-litre four-cylinder powerplant featuring direct injection, variable valve timing and turbocharging to produce 202kW and 353Nm. An overboost function allows peak torque to rise to 378Nm for brief full-throttle.


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Active variable exhaust system.

The twin-outlet active exhaust has three settings, allowing the driver to select the ideal level of exhaust sound for the conditions – keep it subdued around town, or allow the engine’s full vocal range to be enjoyed when the open road or track1 beckons. In its most sporting setting, throttle lifts and downshifts bring a thrilling volley of rasping crackles and pops that have to be heard to be appreciated.

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Traction and stability control.

A lower, firmer suspension tune combined with electronically controlled dampers that continuously adjust damping force (based on road conditions, vehicle speed and driver inputs) means the i30 N delivers exceptional turn-in characteristics and body control, without sacrificing the ride compliance needed for daily driving comfort.

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Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD)

The electronically-controlled mechanical limited slip differential (e-LSD) distributes torque intelligently between the two front wheels depending on throttle inputs, steering angle and cornering force. This technology reduces wheelspin and understeer while increasing traction and cornering speed, thus allowing the driver to extract maximum performance from the i30 N.

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Technology for safety

Naturally the i30 N is fitted with seven airbags, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and the very latest safety systems. Central to this is the standard inclusion of Hyundai SmartSense™, which brings Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – City, Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), and Driver Attention Alert (DAA).


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Combining radar and camera data, the AEB system autonomously activates the brakes when it detects stationary vehicles, or dangerous and sudden braking by the car ahead or pedestrians on the road.

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Monitors vehicle activity ahead and alerts the driver upon detecting an imminent collision.

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LKA provides steering intervention to assist the vehicle to stay in the centre of the lane. When the vehicle strays from the intended lane without indicators being activated, an audible and visual warning will be sounded.

Hyundai icare

Lifetime service plan.

Imagine knowing the maximum price of your next service, before pulling into the service centre.

That’s the advantage of our Lifetime Service Plan* – a clever Hyundai initiative that gives you transparency and peace of mind for the life of your car. No hidden fees and no surprises.

Only available at Hyundai Service Centres, you’ll benefit from factory trained technicians using Hyundai Genuine Parts – a smart way to boost the re-sale value of your car. And by taking advantage of the Lifetime Service Plan servicing, you’ll also be eligible for a 12-month extension on your Roadside Support Plan* every year, for up to 10 years.

We now also offer a Pre-Paid Service Plan*, with a choice of packages for either 3, 4 or 5 years of scheduled servicing. It’s a great way to lock in today’s service prices.

5-year warranty.

5 years. Unlimited kilometres.
A warranty that goes the distance.

It’s a warranty idea we pioneered that gives you the ultimate confidence in your Hyundai – today, and tomorrow. Our 5 Year Unlimited Km Warranty* on passenger vehicles shows the belief we have in the manufacturing, quality control, and design that’s gone into your vehicle.

Of course, ongoing care is also a critical part of this. The friendly service staff and expert technicians in our Hyundai Service Centres will happily keep your car in peak condition.

Hyundai genuine accessories .

Express yourself.
Give your Hyundai that personal touch.

From roof racks and dash mats, to portable coolers and gear for your gadgets, with Hyundai Genuine Accessories you can mould your new car to your lifestyle.

See the full list of accessories for your model.

24/7 reassurances.

We’re on the road with you.
Roadside support for up to 10 years.

We’ve all done it. Locked the keys in the car, run out of fuel, left the headlights on.

If you find yourself in a bind while you’re on the road, we can get you up and running, free of charge. Your new Hyundai comes with 12 months Hyundai Roadside Support Plan*, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, right across Australia.

Better still, every scheduled service at a Hyundai Service Centre will qualify you for an additional 12 months complimentary Roadside Support, every year for up to 10 years.

To ensure we have your correct details for Roadside Support, register at myhyundai.com.au.

We’re here to help.

Help, with a human touch.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things. Like how to pair your phone, or where to find your nearest Hyundai dealer. Whatever your question, no matter how big or how small, we’re here to help.

From specific vehicle functions and servicing, to booking a test drive or requesting a brochure, our team of Customer Care experts can help you get the most from your Hyundai.

You’ll find the answers to many of your questions, ‘tips and tricks’ videos and FAQs at customercare.hyundai.com.au or feel free to get in touch on 1800 186 306.

SatNav update plan.

Keeping you on track.

Keeping your software up to date is all part of the package. Our towns and cities are constantly changing. New roads get built; old roads become renamed; and new landmarks pop up. So if you rely on Sat Nav to get around, it’s essential you have the most up-to-date information.

Hyundai iCare offers a plan for new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation. Refreshed annually when you service with us, for a period of 5 years or 10 years (depending on model)*.

View - iCare terms and conditions.

(1) Lifetime Service Plan: For the benefit of Hyundai owners, Hyundai provides online quotes, which specify the maximum price applicable for a vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer and using Hyundai Genuine Parts (where required). Online quotes are available at www.hyundai.com.au, apply for a stated effective period only and may change after that effective period without notice. Standard scheduled maintenance services are of limited scope. The benefit of online quotes is available for all Hyundai’s, for their lifetime. Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan full terms and conditions.

(2) Roadside Support Plan: Complimentary 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers & taxis). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date). Hyundai Roadside Support Plan full terms and conditions.

(3) Sat Nav Update Plan: Only applies to new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation. Updates are delivered annually and are complimentary if the vehicle completes a scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer. For i30 (2017 model onwards), updates must be undertaken within 10 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 9 updates. For all other Hyundai’s updates must be undertaken within 5 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 4 updates.

(4) 5 Year Unlimited Km Warranty: Applies to new passenger vehicles used for private/domestic purposes. Excludes vehicles used at any time for “commercial
application” as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, for which a 5 year/130,000km (whichever occurs first) warranty applies. An iMax that is used for a commercial application is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). An iLoad is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) regardless of its usage. Refer to full warranty terms and conditions for details and exclusions.

(5) Pre-Paid Service Plan: For scheduled services only, including parts. Does not include wear and tear items: eg, brake pads. Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan full terms and conditions.

(6) Genuine Parts & Approved Parts Warranty: For 12 months from the date of purchase of the Hyundai Genuine Part or Hyundai Approved Part from an authorised Hyundai dealer or authorised Hyundai service outlet (Warranty Period), Hyundai warrants that the Hyundai Genuine Part or Hyundai Approved Part will be free from defects arising in workmanship or materials, subject to the conditions outlined under “General Exceptions”. If any Hyundai Genuine Part or Hyundai Approved Part is found to be defective in workmanship or materials within the Warranty Period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, or at the discretion of Hyundai the purchase price of the Hyundai Genuine Part or Hyundai Approved Part will be refunded. Hyundai Genuine Parts & Approved Parts Warranty full terms and conditions.

(7) Genuine Accessories Warranty: For Hyundai Genuine Accessories fitted to the Hyundai vehicle by an authorised Hyundai dealer or authorised Hyundai service outlet during the Hyundai vehicle’s warranty period (as determined by Hyundai in accordance with the Hyundai vehicle service passport), the applicable warranty period is the longer of the following: i. period commencing from the date of fitment of the Hyundai Genuine Accessory until expiry of the relevant Hyundai vehicle’s warranty period; or ii. period of 12 months from the date of fitment of the Hyundai Genuine Accessory. Hyundai Genuine Accessories Warranty full terms and conditions.